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Text of interview of Jackie Evancho by Ms. Winfrey

I don't think this video of this interview is available online, thanks to Oprah's lawyers, but here's the text of Jackie with Oprah Winfrey, done on October 20, 2010.

Normally I'd edit out the verbal bobbles found in everyone's everyday speech--but I thought Jackie's  fans being who they are, they'd want a fairly exact transcript. So this is it:

[Aftter running clips of her America's Got Talent appearances and after her singing Pie Jesu live]
Oprah: So that was, uh, 10 year old Jackie Evancho with her powerhouse voice on America’s Got Talent. [to Jackie] You have had quite the summer young lady.
Jackie: Yeah, I have [giggles]
Oprah: So I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie at my house—she was kind enough to come to my house a couple of weeks ago, when all of my girls from South Africa were over, uh, looking at colleges, and you sang there, and at the end of, of singing, you said something that I was so impressed with you said you recognize that your voice was a gift from God.
Jackie: mmm-hm.
Oprah: Yeah. When did you know that?
Jackie: Um, well I I’ve always known that. And I say three prayers every night to make sure that God knows I thank him so much.
Oprah: Really.
Jackie: mmm-hm.
Oprah: That’s great.  
[Oprah takes Jackie’s hand briefly as audience applauds]
Keep that up, will ya? ‘Cause God loves appreciation.
Jackie: [giggles]
God loves appreciation so--When you were doing America’s Got Talent and the world was just getting to know you a little bit then, were you just out of your mind nervous?
How would you calm yourself every time?
Jackie: Well, I didn’t. The adrenaline helped me to realize that you’re on a big stage and you just have to deal with it. It just helped me to usually get this through.
Oprah: Really.
Jackie: hm! [nods]
Oprah: So Jackie has been on tour with America’s Got Talent for the past few weeks and. We caught up with her between shows back in her home town of Pittsburgh, hanging out with her two brothers and her little sister Rachel, who’s the cutest thing. Take a look.
[video of Jackie & family at home]
During video, Jackie says: It’s like you’re the only person in the whole world when you’re on stage. You’re standing there. This is the moment. And you’re gonna shine.
Mike: The moment Jackie steps off the stage, it’s back to Jackie being one of my four children. She’s not treated any differently…
Jackie: We have a lot of animals. We have about 28 pets.
When I’m at school, everything is really normal.
[in classroom of Mrs. Yannotti, Grade 5]
I love learning things—‘cause that’s fun.
Mrs. Yannott: Jackie’s a great student. She’s just what you see on TV. She’s always poised, but she’s just your average typical fun energetic fifth grader.
Callie [Jackie’s friend]: What I like about Jackie is that she’s very kind and sweet, and she’s nice to everyone.
Jackie: What makes me happiest is being with my family being able to play with my friends and being able to SING is really fun too.
[end of video]
Oprah: Wow. Great.
Jackie: [giggles]
Oprah: So how are all the other kids treating you after this big summer you had? How how was it going back in were you a little nervous going back into fifth grade?
Jackie: Definitely I was definitely really nervous. But. You know. I always say to myself “Jackie you’re just a normal kid you know?” So you just have to act like—you kn-- you just have to act like these COMMENTS are normal. ‘Cause you have to get used to it.
Oprah: Yeah. Unh-hunh.
Jackie: So um when I go to school--I’m always happy—because--it’s a normal kid thing.
Oprah: It’s a normal kid thing. And how’s fifth grade treating you?
Jackie: Oh it’s working out great. Ah…
Oprah: What do you love? What is what is your favorite subject?
Jackie: Writing. I love writing.
Oprah: Writing. So do you write, uh, like, stories, poems, what?
Jackie: I write almost everything actually Songs, poems, stories, and stories out of every genre too.
Oprah: “Out of very genre too.” But of course you do.
[audience laughs]
Is there any singer uh is there any singer you would you know you have a desire to, to,  like do a duet with, or sing with—is there somebody?
Jackie: There’s several actually. There’s Josh Groban,
[name tag appears onscreen saying:
World’s Youngest Opera Singer]
Oprah: Josh Groban, that’d be good...
Jackie: Charlotte Church,
Oprah: Charlotte Church
Jackie: Andrea Bocelli,
Oprah: Andrea Bocelli
Jackie: and--this girl isn’t really my kind of type of singing
Oprah: Yes?
Jackie: But it’s Lady Gaga.
Oprah: Lady Gaga.
[audience applauds as Jackie giggles]
Oprah: Different genre
Jackie: Exactly [giggles]
Oprah: Different genre...different genre but I I I’d like to see it for a day …just the, the two of you…yeah. But all of those’ll be great people to sing with. Jackie is releasing four songs on a new CD called “O holy night” with a bonus DVD too. And it is out November 16. I’m gonna go pre-order that. I’m not even gonna ask you to give me one for free. I’m gonna I’m really gonna pre-order that because yours is the voice I wanna hear in my house this Christmas.
Jackie: Thank you.
Oprah: Thank you so much. Jackie Evancho [applause]
Great. Wow. Thank you. We’ll be right back. [getting up to hug Jackie, who reciprocates] I’m gonna pre-order that CD.

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