Friday, June 21, 2013

Great singer most Americans have never heard of

Ever heard of Neli Andreeva ( Нели Андреева )? Probably not. She's Bulgarian, known in her homeland as a great singer of both folk music and the Bulgarian equivalent of classical crossover music.

You can buy the album with this beautiful song on it here.

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Ron Van Wegen said...

Hmmm, interesting. We seem to be on a similar musical track. I have recently discovered Bulgarian music especially The Bulgarian National Radio Children's Choir and one girl in particular, Svetlina Stoyanova. This particular piece, Tarantella Napoletana, I believe to be extraordinarily beautiful. Svetlina's personality is to me a big part of it. Her execution is simply superb and seemingly effortless. I wrote to her to tell her so. In the video she is 16. She is now 22 and studying music fulltime.

P.S. I really hate proving I'm not a robot because for some unknown reason I frequently cannot get it right. Please, only if it's absolutely necessary :(